Survey Reveals 30 Percent of Tinder Users Are Married, Women Most Likely to Cheat


Tinder describes itself as a “location-based social discovery application that facilitates communication between mutually interested users,” but we commonly know it as the highly addictive hook-up app that has us swiping left and right on pictures of potential matches in our proximity.

The dating app is mainly intended to help single people find that one true love, but surprising new data reveals a surprising amount of married people are also using Tinder to find their umm … one true love.

A study conducted by the London-based, market research firm, GlobalWebIndex, found that more than four in ten people who are using Tinder are currently in a relationship. Even more shocking, three in ten users have already committed themselves to the ultimate vow of eternal love in sickness and in health until death. I have never been married, but I think that is how they go.

Tinder has been estimated to have over 50 million users and GWI claims a third of those users are married. Numbers indicate that 62% of Tinder swipers are male and 38% are female. While a significant proportion of users are male, it was found that women were the likely offenders to cheat on their partners. Greater than half of women on Tinder are in a romantic relationship and 40% are married. On the other hand, only a third of men are reportedly in a relationship and 23% are married.

Tinder Plus was recently introduced for users who want the premium Tinder experience with features such as “Passport,” “Rewind,” and endless liking capabilities. The Passport feature gives users control over their location so that they can begin swiping before they’ve landed in a new destination. Rewind is an even more useful feature that enables users to undo their last swipe if their finger accidentally slipped and went left instead of right. The Tinder Plus option for users costs $9.95 per month for those under 30 years of age and $19.95 per month for those who are older.

Source: Business Insider
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