Meet the Woman Behind Wonder Woman’s Badass Theme Song

Meet the Woman Behind Wonder Woman’s Badass Theme SongMeet the Woman Behind Wonder Woman’s Badass Theme Song
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June 16, 2017
“Wonder Woman”, which absolutely smashed box office expectations earlier this month, is undeniably one of the most badass movies of this year.
For that, we have 31-year-old Grammy-nominated cellist and electric cellist Tina Guo to thank.
Her music has been featured in films like “Sherlock Holmes”, “Inception”, “Iron Man”, “Fast Five”, “X-Men: First Class”, and dozens more including television shows and video games, according to Inuth. Guo has also been featured on hundreds of albums with artists such as John Legend, Ciara, David Archuleta, and Big K.R.I.T.
She also posts incredible covers and other original compositions on her YouTube.
Guo, who was born in Shanghai, first learned to play the cello from her father when she was three. She would eventually attend USC’s Thorton School of Music where she would study under legendary cellist Eleonore Schoenfeld and Nathaniel Rosen on a full scholarship.
Guo’s role in creating the epic “Wonder Woman” theme began when Hans Zimmer, the composer for “Batman v Superman”, noticed one of Guo’s stunning music videos. Guo’s cello work was put into the track “Is She With You?”, which plays as Wonder Woman leaps into battle to fight Doomsday alongside Batman and Superman. Instantly, her catchy, heavy-metal like sound became a fan favorite.
Hans Zimmer praised Guo, saying:
“When she grabs the Cello, it’s like a sword. She becomes the Wonder Woman.”
Guo recreated the track, with elements appearing in the recent “Wonder Woman” film, in a more heavy-metal tone with a music video that visually matches the raw power of the theme.
She is married to Ray Armando Morabito, the electronic music producer known as Syelth.
“Wonder Woman” fans everywhere are now waiting on news for the sequel of the massively popular film and, we are sure, Tina Guo’s now-iconic theme.
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