Timstar’s Girlfriend Has a Relationship Gym Hack You (Probably) Don’t Want to Miss

Timstar’s Girlfriend Has a Relationship Gym Hack You (Probably) Don’t Want to Miss

April 19, 2019
Timstar’s girlfriend has apparently started making her own content, and this week, we’ve come to learn that she’s no fan of exercise!
In a new video, Sijia Wang, who started dating the viral comedian in September, made it clear that she has no interest in exercise — but faking it supposedly helps them stay together, aside from boba tea.
The video, which Wang posted on Facebook, begins with herself feasting on oysters inside a restaurant.
“Those oysters look so nice,” Timstar, or Timmy Sun in real life, says in the background.
The couple then go on with their day, with Timstar proposing that they hit the gym.
“Oh no, let’s go back home!” Wang suddenly protests. “Come on, let’s go.”
When Timstar says he can go by himself, Wang suspects he might go elsewhere — so she ends up tagging along.
At the gym, Timstar claims he just made some gains. “I think I made some gains, 60.9 kilos.”
Wang replies, “Wow, congratulations! So, let’s go home now?”
To her “surprise,” Timstar takes off his coat and declares that they’re just getting started.
“Alright babe, it’s time to gym now! It’s time to do some chest, back, shoulders!”
The comedian then delivers his iconic line.
No chest, no sex. We all gonna make it right.”
Wang, who concluded the video feeling “tricked,” suggested that playing along to her boyfriend’s love for the gym strengthens their relationship.
“Every girl in their life doesn’t like exercising and every guy wish their girlfriend can gym,” she claims. “So my boyfriend decided to push me to gym. This actually works guys.”
She then drops a “relationship hack” she swears by:
“So as being the girlfriend just play along, because you love him and he loves you.”
The video racked up a thousand comments in just one day, from users who have learned to love Timstar’s cringeworthy posts — and now his girlfriend’s.
From the looks of it, Wang will probably go on making videos. She tells those in need of relationship tips to reach her @sijiabeauty on Instagram.
Images via Facebook / Sijia Wang
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