Timothy DeLaGhetto and JK Films Talk About Sex in VLOG, Baby Gives Best Reaction EVER

The innocent reaction of baby Taika Kwan, the son of YouTube vloggers Bart Kwan and Geovanna Antoinette-Kwan of Just Kidding Films, has many people in stitches during the family’s recent appearance in Timothy DeLaGhetto’s latest vlog entry – be warned, though, the topic you’re about to hear is totally NSFW.

Bart and Geovanna, or just simply referred to as Bart & Geo, appeared in DeLaGhetto’s latest vlog entry where they ate a meal and talked about some grow-up stuff like how to get pregnant.

Things then became quite graphic as the group started talking about ejaculating inside a woman and how it can get pretty messy throughout the day.

Okay so young ladies out there who never had a nut busted in you, don’t wear your new panties because you will be discharging the whole day… the more you know,” DeLaGhetto said.

All of a sudden, just out of nowhere, the topic shifted to Bart’s “big load.” But as they were all laughing, Taika just suddenly dropped a big “whoa” or “wow” in the end that totally made everyone hysterical. It was the perfect reaction.

Watch the short version below right about where the good stuff drops.

Featured image via YouTube / TimothyDeLaGhetto Vlogs

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