Timothy DeLaGhetto Burns Twitter User After Calling Him Out for His ‘Blaccent’

Famous YouTuber and cast member of MTV’s “Wild ‘n Out,” Timothy DeLaGhetto, was called out on Twitter for his stage name while talking about an Asian issue.


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The exchange of tweets happened when DeLaGhetto, whose real name is Tim Chantarangsu, commented on a racist encounter where a Black female nail technician repeatedly called Asian people “chinks” on Facebook.

However, one Twitter user by the handle of GirlBleu (@BhadLil_Jawn), immediately called him out by tweeting, “An Asian person with ghetto in their name and a blaccent is commenting on this….”

After DeLaGhetto responded that he is Asian commenting on an Asian issue, the woman quickly attacked him by saying how he is deeply immersed in Black culture despite being Asian.

You’re a Asian person who is heavily emersed in black culture and using a derogatory word used against black ppl that doesn’t affect or relate to you. Leave it to the Asian people who don’t use black pain and culture as props to comment on this. That’s what I’m getting at,” the Twitter user wrote.

The 32-year-old internet personality, rapper, and comedian then replied with a Twitter reply. He wrote, “I mean, DeLaGhetto is from the Fresh Prince, but I also grew up in a part of Long Beach (Cedar & PCH) which many from that area would consider ghetto. Whether you believe how much of me is authentic or a prop, I am still allowed to let people know that CHINK is a bad word.”

His name was, in fact, inspired from “The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air” that starred Will Smith as a fictionalized version of himself.



Here’s what other people are saying about this exchange between DeLaGhetto and the Twitter user:

And to pretty much sum up what everyone is probably thinking:

This interaction was light compared to how he destroyed his rap battle opponent’s racist Jackie Chan joke in “Wild ‘n Out” a few months back with a “Rush Hour” clap back.

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