Time-Lapse of People Lining Up For the World’s Biggest Convention in Japan is Very Satisfying

An incredible display of discipline was showcased by Japanese participants at a recent Comiket, a popular biannual dōjinshi fair held in Tokyo, Japan last weekend.

Otakus attending the world’s largest anime and manga convention were captured in an awe-inspiring time-lapse video lining up in a very orderly fashion.

From Aug. 10-12, anime fans converged to Tokyo Big Sight — officially known as Tokyo International Exhibition Center — to join the event highlighted by hot cosplays, the latest manga and anime offerings, and rare memorabilia among many others.

With over 500,000 attendees, the event is a potential nightmare to manage, considering the limited space allotted for the enormous crowd.

However, chaos is always unlikely due to the astonishing discipline these Japanese fans are capable of.

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Under the unbearable heat, which peaked 40 degrees Celsius (104 Fahrenheit) during the three-day event, batches of attendees are shown being impressively well-behaved as staff members escort them in neat rows.

Here’s another time-lapse from 2012:

According to SoraNews24, Japanese netizens were so impressed by the attendees’ collective patience and discipline.  

“Japanese people are quite awesome, eh?” one commenter quipped.

“Every Japanese citizen should participate in Comiket to train for emergency evacuation drills,” another suggested in jest.

Featured Image via Instagram / traveler_sunafukin (Left), Twitter / Netiel (Right)

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