YouTuber Tim Chantarangsu and Chia Habte Are Having a Baby

YouTuber Tim Chantarangsu and his wife Chia Habte have announced on YouTube that they are having a baby. 

Tim, who previously went by the pseudonym Timothy Delaghetto, made the announcement by surprising his family and friends.

He started the video by lighting up the smiles of his parents:

And then Chia’s parents. 

Watch the hilarious and endearing video below:


“Surprise, we are pregnant,” Chia announced to the audience.

“The cat’s out of the bag,” an enthusiastic Tim replied.

“We are indeed pregnant,” said Chia with a smile.

Tim and Chia got married in 2018 following a long-distance relationship for seven years. During their boyfriend-girlfriend phase, Tim lived in Los Angeles while Chia stayed in Canada. 

Now fourteen weeks pregnant, Chia is expected to deliver their first child in about five or six months.

Congratulations Chia and Tim!

Feature Image via Tim Chantarangsu

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