Tila Tequila is Officially Out of Her Damn Mind

Tila Tequila is Officially Out of Her Damn MindTila Tequila is Officially Out of Her Damn Mind
TV personality Tila “Tequila” Nguyen recently posted a 23-minute long YouTube video explaining a contract she signed that apparently makes her God.
Whether it’s Jesus, Allah … Yeshwah or whatever …” the Singapore-born, Houston-raised Nguyen began, My dumbass self, I signed this contract without reading the fine print because I’m lazy like that. I signed my soul away to become God without reading the fine print,” she said according to the Houston Chronicle.
It’s unclear how legally valid the deal is, but the 35-year-old doesn’t seem to care because the terms have “supernatural wording and things like that.
Nguyen, a self-proclaimed “alt-reich queen, claims she’s prepared to use her powers to get rid of things like taxes and debt, and have the ability to control the world.
If you could fix the hole in the ozone layer, that’d be swell, too, Tila!

I’m having a great time grabbing my popcorn and watching the whole grand finale thing go down,” she said in the video, where she repeatedly praises President Donald Trump and discusses her porn career.
Nguyen also talked about current events, including a possible North Korea clash, which she said isn’t “involved with Zionist parasites”.
You guys have to live inside whatever it is I create,” she said. “Whether I want World War III to happen or not. I do, so it will happen.
Nguyen also promised to fix all the sickness in the world, which she associated with transgender people like Caitlin Jenner.
Now that I know I created all these things … I’m going to fix it,” she said. “We’re gonna be alt-right. Everything’s going to be alt-right, guys.
This isn’t the first time Nguyen has gone on a tirade claiming to be the Supreme Being. In 2016, she posted a series of bizarre tweets on her account which has since been suspended, according to Elite Daily.
So how does it feel 2 know that u walk amongst a real life God? You take me 4 granted now, but once I leave again u will miss me! #IPromise”, one of her tweets read.
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