NYC woman faces ‘Asian b*tches are ugly’ tirade as restaurant’s workers ‘just stood there’

NYC woman faces ‘Asian b*tches are ugly’ tirade as restaurant’s workers ‘just stood there’NYC woman faces ‘Asian b*tches are ugly’ tirade as restaurant’s workers ‘just stood there’
A woman is causing outrage after a viral TikTok video posted over the weekend shows her repeatedly shouting racial insults at an Asian woman outside of a New York City restaurant. 
The incident: In the beginning of the video, the original poster Denise Carino (@dennydoestiktok) is in the middle of clarifying what the woman had said to her. The woman then confirms with “Yeah, you are. Asian b*tches are ugly,” while nodding her head. 
  • The woman proceeds to repeat the statement multiple times while emphasizing each word. 
  • “You’re a f*cking ugly f*cking Mexican, f*cking Hawaiian — whatever the f*ck you are,” she goes on to say. 
  • Carino writes that the woman’s boyfriend was “egging her on” during her tirade.
  • She also calls out the restaurant, Empanada Mama, whose workers allegedly “just stood there and supported that girl.”
More on the woman: One commenter on Carino’s video named Cynthia (@cynthiainnyc) wrote that she also experienced an incident with the same woman, who she identified as Brittany Ciera Ortiz. 
  • On Cynthia’s page, a video shows Ortiz berating a group of people, saying “You’re all 700 pounds, getting ice cream.” She also says at one point “You’re a lesbian,” to one person before repeating her message to the group.
  • Once Ortiz notices she’s being recorded, she goads the crowd to continue recording and even asks if she looks “cute.”
  • In several follow-up videos, Cynthia explains that the incident occurred on Aug. 8 and that Ortiz and her boyfriend were both involved. Conflict allegedly began between the line of customers and the couple once Ortiz’s boyfriend refused to move out of the double parallel parking spots he had parked his car in.
  • While Cynthia’s video shows screenshots of Ortiz’s social media accounts, they now appear to have been deactivated.  
The restaurant: The restaurant has since released a statement on Instagram, writing that the woman had no connection to the restaurant and was removed from the scene “as soon as our staff was informed of her behavior.”
  • Carino also updated in the comments that the general manager had called to apologize.
  • “Not ok for the employees to do that but also not the store’s fault,” she wrote. 
Featured Image via @dennydoestiktok
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