Filipino family who went viral for their kindness seek support for their daughter’s rare condition

Filipino family who went viral for their kindness seek support for their daughter’s rare condition
Michelle De Pacina
December 22, 2021
A viral TikTok video of a Filipino family offering their kindness warmed hearts. Now, the GoFundMe page for their daughter Sophia, who struggles with cerebral palsy and a rare brain condition, has started gaining more donations.
The viral TikTok: Isaish Garza, who has more than 7 million followers on TikTok, tested the Garado family’s kindness by asking them to buy his lunch after claiming he lost his wallet. When the parents agreed and handed him $20, he surprised them by rewarding them $500 to celebrate their kindness.
  • The now-viral video, which was uploaded on Dec. 20, has garnered over 17 million views and more than 3 million likes as of this writing. 
  • The Garado family appeared to be shopping at Target before Garza offered to buy them Christmas presents. The parents were brought to tears by Garza’s kind gesture. 
  • “This family has been struggling the last few years. Their daughter was born with a rare brain condition and cerebral palsy,” Garza revealed in his TikTok caption and video. 
  • “It’s hard,” the father said. “She might be able to walk one day, you know?” 
  • The TikTok ends with clips of Garza and the family shopping for toys and clothes for Sophia and their young son. 
Reactions: TikTok users and viewers took to the comment section of the viral video to praise both Garza and the family for their kindness. 
  • “I love this so much,” Paris Hilton commented. 
  • “This is the first video I saw when I woke up today and now I can’t stop crying,” makeup artist Mikayla Nogueira said.
  • “The fact that they were willing to give you the $20 even though they were struggling says so much about them,” another user commented. 
  • Many have also pointed out the kindness of Filipinos, with one user stating, “Filipinos are so kind even though they don’t have much money they still tend to help others who are in need.”
GoFundMe: The Garado family started a GoFundMe page for Sophia with the title, “Believe in the Impossible! Sophia’s Journey” on Dec. 20.
  • With the goal of $20,000, the fundraiser has currently raised over $9,000 as of this writing.  
  • “My daughter was diagnosed with Hydranencephaly when I was six months pregnant,” Sophia’s mother, Irish Garado, wrote on the page. “It was devastating news to our family since she is our first child. The doctor told us that she may only live for a year, months, weeks, days or worse, only for an hour. But, my little warrior proved them all wrong. She is now 10 years old and doing all the impossible.”
  • “She will be needing physical and occupational therapies for her rehabilitation care. Medications for her seizure, possible operation for her hip and spine position. Wheelchair and splints for her feet and hands and all other medical treatment that she needs,” Garado explained. 
  • “We are hoping that you will be able to help us for Sophia’s lifetime medication,” she added. “This support will truly help her fulfill her needs and provide all the necessary procedures that she needs to take in the future. And as what her dad said in the video: ‘She might be able to walk someday.’”
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