TikTok creator goes viral for ‘being Black in Vietnam’

TikTok creator goes viral for ‘being Black in Vietnam’TikTok creator goes viral for ‘being Black in Vietnam’
via @alanarainer
Iris Jung
June 22, 2023
A TikTok video of people in Vietnam admiring a black tourist has gone viral.
The video: Uploaded on June 14 by Alana Rainer (@alanarainer), the TikTok video caption reads: “Being black in Vietnam be like.” In the short clip, Rainer – who is Sierra Leonean and English – stands at the center of a crowd who have seemingly gathered to stare at the influencer. One woman stands behind Rainer, brushing through the creator’s hair with her fingers.
Despite being at the center of attention, Rainer continues to smile and make conversation with those around her. In her video description, Rainer explains that she “personally found it so funny how amazed they were.”
Online reactions: The video, which has garnered over 1.6 million views and 100,600 likes as of this writing, received many comments from TikTok users who found the Vietnamese woman’s actions endearing and appreciative.
“She touched the hair so gentle & respectfully,” one user wrote. 
“Normally it would be a no but she’s touching her hair so attentively,” another user wrote.
“They are innocent and they truly are amazing about your looks … you are beautiful,” a different user commented. 
Rainer agreed with the commenters, stating, “Yess that’s why I let them touch my hair – I was also soo fascinated by them – it was honestly an amazing experience in my opinion.”
Other TikTok users, meanwhile, joked that they couldn’t “figure out who is black.”
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