‘Petty’ TikToker Travels From LA to Seoul, Breaks Old ‘Love Lock’ With Ex

‘Petty’ TikToker Travels From LA to Seoul, Breaks Old ‘Love Lock’ With Ex‘Petty’ TikToker Travels From LA to Seoul, Breaks Old ‘Love Lock’ With Ex
Ryan General
May 18, 2021
A TikTok user traveled from Los Angeles to Seoul, South Korea to remove a “love lock” she and her ex had attached in 2019 to a symbolic fence in Namsan Tower. 
Broken lock: On Wednesday, Kassie Yeung, 23, posted a video about her 5,953-mile journey on TikTok, where it accumulated 4.9 million views and 1.1 million likes as of this writing.
  • Yeung and her ex had left a love lock at the popular tourist attraction that summer. Couples would add a lock to the fence atop the tower as a symbol of their love, according to the South Korean government website.
  • She went back to the tower by herself, searching through hundreds of locks to find the one they left.
  • After 30 minutes, she found it and cut it off with a wire cutter out of “pettiness,” she told Insider
  • Yeung’s TikTok video shows part of her journey from the plane up to the area where she left her lock.
  • The post attracted many positive responses from commenters who appreciated her efforts in pushing through with the symbolic “break up.”
Not just the lock: Yeung said her trip was not just about removing her old love lock from the tower. She was also pursuing a backup dancing career in Seoul. 
  • According to Yeung, the lock-cutting detour came about after she remembered about it as she was planning the trip.
  • Yeung also wanted to create a relatable video for her TikTok followers.
  • “It is relevant in the sense that everyone goes through relationships, breakups, and possibly having love locks with ex-lovers,” she was quoted as saying.
Featured Image via @kassieyeung
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