TikTok users worry over bill for woman’s Tokyo sushi restaurant visit

TikTok users worry over bill for woman’s Tokyo sushi restaurant visitTikTok users worry over bill for woman’s Tokyo sushi restaurant visit
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A TikTok user who visited a highly rated sushi restaurant in Tokyo that does not display prices on its menu caused concerns among viewers after she did not update viewers on the cost of the meal.
Key points:
  • TikTok user Jessi B (@tryingtobequiet) shared her visit to the restaurant in a viral video posted on Wednesday.
  • The podcaster and content creator shares about her travels on TikTok and Instagram.
  • It took hours before she updated viewers on her restaurant bill.
The details:
  • In the on-screen text, Jessi B noted that the restaurant, Sushi Kagura in Shinjuku, Tokyo, has a 5.0 rating on Google. Without knowing its prices, she admitted to experiencing “pure panic” while dining there.
  • “As a millennial, it’s hard to just ask,” she wrote in the description.
  • Aside from a private chef making her sushi, the restaurant reportedly handed her fresh hot towels every 10 minutes. This gave her the impression that her bill could cost somewhere between $200 and $2,000.
  • A few hours later, she revealed in a follow-up video that the whole meal amounted to 30,000 yen or approximately $191.
  • “So, not what I expected to pay for dinner, that’s for sure, but it’s doable. I can live with that. I accepted my fate the second I sat down,” she said.
  • The original video has gone viral, amassing over 34.2 million views in just two days. Many worried about what happened after her dining, since it took a few hours before she posted her follow-up video.
  • “HELLO??? It’s been 4 hours, did they keep you as payment?” one TikTok user questioned.
  • “Bestie we need a price update now. I wasn’t expecting a whole sushi roll of uni. You’ll be washing dishes till the end of time,” another user noted.
  • “It’s been 4 hours,” another wrote. “They probably got her in the back washing dishes or something.”
  • “You have me Googling, ‘lady couldn’t pay sushi bill,’” another commented.
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