TikTok User Confronts Man Allegedly Tearing Down Anti-Asian Hate Flyers in Mountain View


A TikTok user confronted a man who was allegedly tearing down flyers advertising a protest against Asian violence in Mountain View, California.

The user, who goes by Rayah Sunshine, can be seen approaching the older white man in a video she uploaded on Monday.

@4rayah.sunshine##caughtintheact ##aapi ##stopasianhate ##stopracist ##mountainview ##stopaapihate ##letsfindhim ##viral ##california ##isawyou♬ original sound – RayahSunshine

“You really should be ashamed of yourself ripping off those flyers, I saw you,” she shouts at him as he gets into his car.

The unidentified man is heard yelling back, “Who are you to tell me what to do?”

“You should’ve left your hands off of those,” she then explains. “Those aren’t your flyers.” 

The two continue to argue as he gets into the passenger seat of his car. 

“F— you, you have hate in your heart,” she says before the car drives off, with the man waving his hands at her through the open window. 

Commenters were grateful that she stepped in to support the AAPI community. 

“Thank you for confronting him. It helps to have allies, that’s when progress happens” one user wrote. 

It was ironic the man’s car was the Japanese brand Honda, another user pointed out.

At the end of the video, Rayah showed two of the flyers the man had allegedly torn down. One was bringing awareness to the murder of Pak Ho, while the other included details for the march.

On April 11, community members gathered for a youth-organized march to protest the rising number of anti-Asian hate crimes, reported Daily Dot.

According to the flyer, the event welcomed testimonies from attendees and held a moment of remembrance for Pak Ho.

Feature Images via Rayah Sunshine

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