TikTok user fulfills domestic helper’s dream of seeing BTS’ Suga in concert

TikTok user fulfills domestic helper’s dream of seeing BTS’ Suga in concertTikTok user fulfills domestic helper’s dream of seeing BTS’ Suga in concert
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April 10, 2023
A domestic helper got the shock of a lifetime when her employers gifted her with a free ticket for BTS member Suga’s upcoming world tour stop in Singapore.
On April 4, TikTok user Kimberlee Ang (@kimberleeang) posted a minute-long video about the special surprise.
“My helper’s dream to go to Suga concert. After she applied for the presale and saw the ticket price, she told me it was too expensive,” the video’s onscreen text says in the beginning.
“But I went on to get it anyway for her; a gift from me and my siblings. She didn’t know I manage to get it and I went up to surprise her,” the onscreen text continues.
Ang then shares screenshots of her successful purchase. She also explains that there were over 5,600 people who were in the virtual queue before her, and she was “bounced out 3 times before securing a ticket.”
At the end of her video, the TikTok user shares her domestic helper Nur’s reaction to the unexpected gift. Nur can be seen bursting into happy tears and jumping for joy.
“This must be the most intense ticket purchasing for me. I dunno how quick #army can be! … Nur, hope you like your gift from us. Thank you for being with us for 7 years,” Ang wrote in her post’s caption.
She paid between 288 Singapore dollars and 348 Singapore dollars (approximately $216 to $261) for Nur’s Standing Pen D ticket, as seen in one of the screenshots that were shared.

Several TikTok users commented on Ang’s video, which has already garnered over 99,000 views.
“I couldn’t get a ticket after two hours of anxiety but if I lost it to her, then it’s worth it,” one user wrote.
“One of a kind employer… She’s so lucky to have you as an employer… Thank you for being kind,” another user said.
“Wish all employers have a good helper like Nur and same goes to the helpers to have a good employers like Kimberlee. Love and peace,” another user commented.
Ang also commented on her own video, saying, “THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH, for your kind words and positivity! This is so surreal! I’ll try to response to all! Sending all [love] amazing vibes!”

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