TikTok Star Nina Mc Lin Called Out for Using the N-Word in Video

nina lin

Nina Mc Lin, also known as @n.nina666 on TikTok and Instagram, has issued a public apology after another TikTok user called her out for using a racial slur.

User @precioustheangel made a post this week showing a screenshot of Lin using the n-word in a comment.

In the post, the TikTok user asked: “So I found screenshots of her saying the n-word, and I just want to know [if] she wants to address this?”

@precioustheangelwould u like to address this ? @n.nina666♬ original sound – Thee Angel 🇬🇭

Lin eventually replied to the TikTok user to address her use of the n-word in a recent post.

@n.nina666I wanted to address the situation, as this is not something to be taken lightly, I have changed since and I am trully sorry but that is no excuse.♬ original sound – Nina lin

“As an Asian American, I should not be saying that f**king word,” she said. “I shouldn’t be associated with that f**king word and I—39 weeks ago that’s not the same person I am today and I will further educate myself on that and learn the true meaning behind that word, and that’s not ok. For the people who I offended, I’m deeply sorry and I hope you guys take this apology. I’m not asking for forgiveness but I just want to let yall know I f**ked up and the only thing I can do right now is reflect on it and I will.”

Even though she only started posting on TikTok in May 2020, Lin has already amassed more than 950,000 followers and 19 million likes on the platform.

Several of Lin’s videos went viral for her deep, raspy New York accent and comedy skits on self-defense for 2 a.m. walks in the city.

@n.nina666Pro tip part 3 since TIK tok wanna start deletin shit stay safe mamas ##fyp ##NewYearNewMiO ##selfdefense ##womenselfdefense ##nyc ##latenight ##tips ##asian♬ original sound – Nina lin

Featured Image Screenshot via @n.nina666

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