TikTok Star Can Turn Tablecloths Into Incredible Party Dresses in Seconds

A TikTok user is gaining more followers by the minute thanks to her ability to turn large swaths of cloth into elegant party dresses in a matter of seconds.

The rising star, who goes by the username @lisagud5 on the platform, executes her transformations with unbelievable precision that anyone seeing them for the very first time might estimate each to come with a hefty price tag.

Most of @lisagud5’s “raw” fabrics appear to be tablecloths, but despite their seemingly identical sizes, she manages to give each dress a unique spin.

The clip below shows one of her “fanciest” impromptu dresses — a one-shouldered silver gown featuring a little knot for an aesthetic finish.

Still, what clearly accentuates her figure are belts, some of which were also improvised.

The following shows one of her more unique pieces, basically consisting of a stretchable blue fabric and a central accessory that holds it together as a brooch.

Check out more of @lisagud5’s transformations below:

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