Video of Australian TikToker struggling for a full 2 minutes to open a Ramune goes viral

Video of Australian TikToker struggling for a full 2 minutes to open a Ramune goes viral
Celine Pun
June 2, 2022
An Australian Tiktoker has gone viral in a video showing her relatable attempts to open the uniquely shaped bottle of Japan’s national soda, Ramune, with great frustration.
Viewer discretion is advised,” the TikToker, Meg Broadhead (@thereallifemeggriffin), jokes in the caption of the video, uploaded on May 19. 
With over 782,000 likes, 12,000 comments and 5.2 million views as of this writing, the video begins with Meg sitting in the driver’s seat of her car holding the blue Ramune. She tells viewers, “I have this drink with me. Do you remember them? When we were little?”
She rips the packaging open with her teeth before explaining to viewers how the unique bottle can be opened.  
Tapping against the marble that seals the bottle, she says, “And then you pop it at the top! You do it and the ball drops into there.” 
Ramune is known for coming in a unique codd-neck glass bottle, sealed with a marble. Consumers must push and release the marble into the neck of the bottle, where it stays and continues to rattle around when drinking. For many, this rattling sound is nostalgic of summertime, as Ramune is an iconic bubbly drink for the hot weather. 
Meg counts down from three several times, each time trying to knock down the marble. Her voice gets louder with each attempt as her frustration grows. 
Cussing a few times in growing vexation and quaking the bottle, she continues to push down the top — pausing the video at one point to look up directions — until finally, she punctures it properly and the marble drops down successfully. 
“Now you just drink it.” She recommends, taking several gulps. “Kinda tastes like a soda watery Powerade. That was so worth it.” 
Viewers were in uproar in the video’s comment section, finding both humor and reliability in her frustrated attempts. 
One user commented, “Your dedication to saying ‘3,2,1’ is what has me in fits.”
“The way she just went back to normal after struggling for 2 mins,” another wrote.
“This is the best thing I’ve ever seen,” reads another comment. “Also why is this me.”
Feature image via @thereallifemeggriffin
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