Cantonese tutor points out glaring errors in big-budget Chinese dramas in viral TikTok video

  • A video highlighting glaring errors in Chinese dramas with budgets in the millions of dollars posted on Tuesday has gone viral.
  • One Chinese fantasy drama highlighted in the video had a budget of $7 million but made several mistakes such as showing a flying drone despite the drama taking place in ancient times.
  • The video has garnered 1.4 million views and over 188,000 likes since uploading.

A TikTok user posted a video on May 17 revealing unconcealed mistakes that were shown on Chinese dramas with budgets in the millions of dollars. 

The video, posted by Cantonese tutor Dr. Candise Lin (@candiselin86), points out various mistakes that were made in historical fantasy Chinese dramas, from poorly done computer generated imagery (CGI) to modern technology accidentally shown on set.

@candiselin86 No wonder actors are so rich, most budget went to their salary #chinese #cdrama #wordofhonor #actors #cgi #spotlightapi ♬ Le Calin – 斌杨Remix

The period fantasy C-drama “Word of Honor,” released in 2021, had a total budget of $7 million. Production purportedly did not have enough money, however, to use high-quality CGI and failed to retouch and edit several background actors.

In one scene, a background actor can be seen using a cellphone, and another actor is shown holding a mini fan in his sleeves. One background actor has a giant hole in his pants, and a street scene shows a drone flying around despite the series taking place in ancient times. 

Another 2021 Chinese fantasy period drama called “The Long Ballad” had a whopping budget of $55 million. All the fighting scenes, however, were replaced with comics, including actors’ backgrounds, which used illustrations rather than a real-life set or proper CGI. The TikTok user questioned why the C-drama, based on a comic, did not use the original drawings for the backgrounds.

Many users expressed confusion at the mistakes made by an expensive production while pointing out that the $55 million drama was “worse” than the $7 million drama. 

“Pleaseee dropped 55 [million dollars] and it was worse than the 7 [million dollar] show,” one user commented. 

Others suggested that there were logical decisions behind certain CGI choices and pointed out that the mistakes were not too noticeable.

“For the $55 [million] one, I think it was to prevent horses from being in the war scenes [and to] give a nod to the comic-style,” one user suggested. 

“I watched word of honor and I didn’t even notice- I was too focused on reading the subtitles,” another user wrote.


Featured image via @candiselin86

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