TikTok baffled at Michigan man’s unintentional ‘racist’ comment while defending Asian man from verbal harasser

A viral TikTok video shows an unidentified man defending an Asian man from a racist in Michigan, but social media users pointed out the former became unintentionally racist as well.

What happened: TikTok user @anasiniesta_08 shared a video of a man wearing a dark navy “#FightLikeAFlynn” shirt and an Asian man in a verbal altercation at a Burlington Coat Factory in Michigan over the weekend, Daily Dot reported.

@anasiniesta_08bro i’m jus tryna work wallah #getyourmoneyup #racistguymessesupwork♬ original sound – $iniesta

  • In the video, the man in dark navy can be heard telling the Asian man, “Go back where you came from.” The Asian man responds, “I’m from China, you a**hole.”
  • Another man, in a white and blue jersey, enters the altercation and attempted to defend the Asian man. He told the verbal harasser, “I’m as white as you, but I don’t talk sh*t,” adding, “You’re browner than me, holy sh*t.”
  • The account holder posted an additional video with a caption that read, “This is what happened before the last post.”
  • In the added video, the man in dark navy declared, “You have Mexicans coming up in here and taking up all these carts. Who’s paying for all this?” It doesn’t explain why the two men got into a verbal altercation.
@anasiniesta_08my life’s a movie 🥱 ##burlington ##foldingclothes ##foodcourt♬ original sound – $iniesta

  • The video has been viewed more than five million times on TikTok.

Online reaction: Although many TikTok users thought the man in the white and blue jersey had good intentions, some could not help but point out his unintentional racism and colorism when he told the other man, “You’re browner than me.”

  • “Man said brown like it was the force of evil,” one TikTok user wrote. Another user said, “he fought racism with racism.”
  • Others also poked fun at the situation, writing, “Light skin white vs. dark skin white. Never thought I’d see this,” and “Are they having a white-off?”
  • Most viewers seemed to have come to the consensus that it was the thought that counted, however.

Featured Image via @anasiniesta_08

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