17 #TikTokMadeMeBuyIt products from Asia you can get in the US

17 #TikTokMadeMeBuyIt products from Asia you can get in the US
Editorial Staff
November 21, 2022
By Yami
November 21, 2022
There aren’t many apps more entertaining than TikTok, but it’s also a great place to find interesting products that people just can’t stop raving about.
Here are 17 products that many on TikTok are falling in love with – all conveniently available and shipped to you by our friends with Yami:

1. Laneige lip sleeping mask

A Korean overnight mask for your lips that “gently melts” dead skin away for a refreshing and revitalized look. Always cheaper at Yami than Amazon or Sephora!

2. Dr. Jart+ hydrating face mask (5 sheets)

One of the most recognized beauty brands from Korea, this cellulose-sheet hydration mask gives you 5 masks for under $6 for a limited time!

3. Bioré Japan foam stamp hand soap

Foam shaped flowers are the best way to make washing hands more fun for kids (or adults)!

4. Japanese Kit Kat matcha

Japan is well known for having the strongest KitKat game in the world – green tea flavor is just the tip of the iceberg.

5. Paper folding stool

Assembled in seconds and sturdy enough to be a stool anywhere you need or even to use as furniture, this collapsible gem is a great space saver!

6. 3-in-1 Salmon Sashimi, Chili and Lime Chips

Some things in life are so unique that you need to try it to get it. This is a must for those that get it – and those willing to try! 

7. Self-heating instant hot pot (spicy flavor)

Perfect for instant warmth on cold days when you need easy comfort food or when you are literally anywhere doing anything and you just need to have hot pot.

8. Rilakkuma head cushion

Perfect to cuddle during Zoom meetings, way cuter than a normal pillow.

9. Authentic Liuzhou-style rice noodles

Here’s one for those with an adventurous taste – this is a very distinct dish from China’s southern Guangxi province of a broth of fresh Liuzhou river snails and pork bones, rice noodles, pickled bamboo shoots and more.

10. Polar lemon bath bomb

Have you ever tried a Japanese bath bomb? Try it out, for less than $5!

11. Limited-edition Demon Slayer bandages with case

This is what peak bandage looks like. Don’t mess around, get these while you can.

12. Starbucks Japan stainless steel thermal mug

Limited-edition Starbucks, glittering pearl, blue to pink gradient, you might not find a prettier stainless steel bottle. You definitely won’t find it with this much heat and cold insulation. 

13. Self-heating lavender steam eye mask (5 masks)

Straight from Japan with the power to bring soothing heat and the scent of lavender to freshen tired faces. 

14. Ocean Bomb One Piece yogurt flavor sparkling water

To some connoisseurs of manga/anime, this may be considered a flex. Yogurt flavored, product of Taiwan.

15. Bubble milk tea mochi

Bubble milk tea mochi – this is what you’d get to spoil yourself.

16. Japanese Tonkotsu ramen with Kuromayu black garlic oil

Ramen hits different when it comes in the bigger bowl –  thick pork bone broth, black garlic oil and Nongshim’s signature ramen noodles.

17. Creamy yellow curry with cooked rice

And when you don’t want to overdo it on Ramen and have a craving for curry, this Korean meal can be ready in minutes!
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