‘Depressed’ Tiger Walks in Endless Circles at Beijing Zoo

‘Depressed’ Tiger Walks in Endless Circles at Beijing Zoo‘Depressed’ Tiger Walks in Endless Circles at Beijing Zoo
A video of a “depressed” tiger going in endless circles in an enclosure at a zoo in China is breaking hearts on the internet.
In the video, the white Bengal tiger can be seen pacing tirelessly in the same location, as evidenced by a visible circular trail.
Keepers at the Beijing Zoo first noticed the tiger’s behavior late last month, according to Beijing News.
As a result, the big cat was reportedly taken away from the display to undergo “psychological counseling.”
Image via Weibo / Xinhua
“This kind of behavior is expected after animals have stayed in a zoo for a long time,” a staff member told reporters.
“We have taken the animal to receive behavior training. We also brought more food and toys for the tiger. It’s like ‘psychological counseling.'”
Image via Beijing Zoo / Beijing News
Chinese social media users expressed concern for the tiger’s wellbeing, with some suspecting that it must be “depressed.”
“I seem to have observed this before. This behavior of walking in circles is common in animals,” one Weibo user commented. “Health problems need attention.”
Image via Beijing Zoo / Beijing News
The zoo recently released a photo of a white Bengal tiger playing with a ball in an outdoor pool. It’s unclear if it’s the tiger in question, though the animal is now said to be in good health.
Feature Image Screenshots via Beijing News (left), NetEase (right)
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