Chinese Mom Beats, Abandons Son on the Street for Not Getting 95% on Exam

A 12-year-old child from Luoyang in Henan China was left stranded in the street after being beaten by his mother for failing to get 95% on an exam.

The incident happened on February 22, when passers-by saw the mother beating the child on a Luoyang street. Concerned citizens immediately contacted the police when the woman left the boy on his own, the Daily Mail reported.

According to witnesses, the lady apparently lost her temper and started to hit her child while scolding him. Luckily, officers in Gucheng found the boy wandering near the entrance to the Nanjing–Luoyang Expressway, Luoyang Evening News reported.

In the video released by the news site on Pear Video, the officers asked the boy if the person who beat him was his mother. He replied with a nod, and said, “I didn’t do well in my exam.”

It turns out that the mother was expecting the boy to come home with an exam result of 95, but the child was only able to make a score of 81. Police were able to contact the mother after identifying her license plate number; however, instead of wanting him to come home, the officers were shocked to hear that she didn’t want the child.

I don’t want him anymore. You can do whatever you want with him. You can even charge me,” the mother can be heard saying in the video.

You are such an irresponsible mother,” the officer, who was shocked by what he heard, replied.

You should be patient and give your child advice if he did anything wrong,” he added. “And not abandon him on the side of the road.”

The boy was later picked up by his uncle after spending an hour in the police station. It is unclear, though, if the mother will be charged for leaving her child alone on the street.

Images screenshot via Pear Video

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