Terrifying Video Captures Tiger Attack at China Safari Park That Left a Mother Dead

Terrifying Video Captures Tiger Attack at China Safari Park That Left a Mother Dead
Editorial Staff
July 25, 2016
Two Chinese women were attacked by tigers during a visit at Beijing’s Badaling Wildlife Park. One death has been reported while the other woman sustained serious injuries.
Private vehicles are permitted to drive around safari-style areas within the park, but tourists are prohibited from leaving their vehicles. The unfortunate incident took place as the women, a mother and daughter, left the safety of their car.
The family of four, which included three adults and a child, were driving through a Siberian tiger enclosure. It all started when the daughter argued with her husband, who happened to be the driver. In the surveillance video, she is seen darting out of the car’s front door, going to his side.
Standing in front of the driver’s door, she is attacked by a tiger a few moments later and dragged to the side of the road.
The father then rushed to help.
Shortly after, the mother left the vehicle to help.
Unfortunately, the mother was caught and killed by another tiger. Her daughter was brought to the hospital after sustaining critical injuries, Beijing’s Legal Evening News reported.
Staying inside the vehicle, the child was uninjured.
The park is no stranger to safety issues. In 2009, an 18-year-old man was killed by a Siberian tiger after mistaking the premises as a shortcut. With two other companions, he entered the park despite warning signs of wild animals, Xinhua noted. More recently, the park saw the death of its own employee by an elephant, The New York Times cited.
Meanwhile, another Chinese park is being called for closure so that it frees the “world’s saddest polar bear.”
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