Woman Gets Rejected From Job Because White Boss Thinks She’s Not American

Woman Gets Rejected From Job Because White Boss Thinks She’s Not American
Editorial Staff
September 30, 2016
An Asian American woman’s Facebook post has gone viral after revealing a jarring instance of discrimination and racism in the job market. 
Tiffany Trieu, was excited about a job that she had applied for until she sent a LinkedIn message to the company’s president. However, her excitement quickly dissipated when she received the president’s response. She wrote in a Facebook post:
“Racial discrimination in the job market is real. It’s unfortunate I had to experience it myself to believe it.
“I am speaking up about this as I and many of my friends are on the job search. We are all looking for a work environment to pour hard work into, give back to the community, and build a career (hopefully paying off college loans, too). For someone to turn you down before they consider what you can offer because of their assumptions based on how you look, your race, your nationality…that is extremely disappointing.
“I applied to a water feature design position and sent a follow-up LinkedIn message to the studio’s president. Unfortunately this is what I received, and I also must note the president is a White male.
“This conversation is given that the only information he had was my profile picture on LinkedIn. The most disconcerting part is HIS RESPONSE, not taking responsibility for his wrongful assumptions. That he “not [a] bad” person would never jump to the conclusions that he did.
“If this happens to you, know you don’t have to face it alone. We should speak up. Our silence can keep privileged people in their positions of power.
“Thank you for listening. Let us focus on HIS RESPONSE, rather than mine. This is where the problem lies. The next step is for us to do something. So how do you help? Let’s make discrimination, racism, -isms a part of our everyday conversations.”
Trieu attached the follow screenshots to her Facebook post with the man’s horrid response.
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