Startup CEO Uses Genius Interview Hack To Keep Workers From Wanting to Quit

Startup CEO Uses Genius Interview Hack To Keep Workers From Wanting to QuitStartup CEO Uses Genius Interview Hack To Keep Workers From Wanting to Quit
Mogul, the women-only news aggregator and social media platform, may have just discovered a way to filter out job applicants to make sure they stay longer at a company for years to come.
Tiffany Pham, the 30-year-old founder and chief executive officer (CEO) of the publishing platform for women, admitted during her discussion with Business Insider that she learned the new system from Prezi CEO Peter Arvai.
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A typical job interview process often takes two steps: screening interview, which is mostly done through telephone, and in-person interviews — but sometimes it could take three to five more interviews depending on the company.
Mogul’s process, however, adds another step into the formula. In the company’s hiring process, the applicant would need to go through three to four rounds of interviews. As explained on Business Insider, the three interviews are for the local applicants while the latter is for someone coming from out of town.
As for the last round, the hire would then be required to come in and experience what it’s like to work in Mogul. It would allow them to get the feel of what kind of working environment they’re jumping into before officially signing a contract.
Photo via Instagram / tifftpham
That enables them to really see for themselves whether they’re really a good fit inside the company. Ultimately it’s for us to see whether they’d be a great match for our culture as well,” Pham told Business Insider.
This system, coupled with interviews, will help determine if the applicant is truly fit for the company. It will also help the applicant see if he or she is the right candidate for the job position.
We spend a lot of the day just getting to know this person and enabling them to get to know us as well,” Pham said.
This method proves to be quite effective not only for the application process, but also to keep a healthy workforce. Pham claims that because of this strategy, no one has left Mogul — which has 50 female employees — for over three years now.
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