Tibetan Community Exiled By China Cheers as Indian Troops Drive Through Town

Tibetan Community Exiled By China Cheers as Indian Troops Drive Through Town
Bryan Ke
July 6, 2020
A Tibetan community living in Manali, India was seen cheering for the military convoy passing by their town over the weekend.
Show of support: Crowds gather in the streets of Manali on Sunday to watch the military convoy pass by their town to Ladakh region where the China-India border is located, Times of India reported.
  • They greeted the passing military convoy and cheered for them by waving the Indian and Tibetan flags. The latter is believed to bring goodwill, peace, strength and wisdom, OpIndia noted. There were also prayer fumes of fragrant herbs lit.
  • The exiled Tibetan community has been living in Manali since the 1960s, Republic World reported.
  • The people fled to the Indian town around the same time when the Dalai Lama made his way to India in 1959 after China took control of Tibet, NDTV reported.
India-China border conflict: Since May, there has been a standoff between the two countries at the borders where thousands of soldiers from both sides have gathered.
  • China and India reportedly engaged in a violent standoff at the Galwan Valley close to Aksai Chin in June, resulting in at least 20 Indian soldiers dead.
  • It was unclear what started the clash as one source from the Indian side claimed Chinese soldiers had set up a tent in the area, which the Indian soldiers pulled down.
  • The Chinese side, however, claimed Indian troops violated the consensus when they crossed the border for illegal activities that provoked their soldiers.
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