Moms in Tibet May Soon Get One of the Longest Paid Maternity Leaves in the World

To care for their newborns, Tibetan mothers may soon be able to leave work for an entire year and still get paid.
This is the aim of the law passed by the People’s Congress of the Tibet Autonomous Region on Wednesday, the Legal Daily reported (via SCMP).
However, an unidentified official from the National Health and Family Planning Commission told The Paper (via SCMP) that the policy is still a draft. The authority was quoted as saying, “This is the first time that Tibet will adopt a population and family planning law. [The draft law] needs improvement.”
In any case, it appears to be the longest maternity leave in the region.
On a similar note, Tibetan fathers are poised for a 30-day paternity leave under the policy, which may be among the longest in the world.
The move is of particular importance as Tibet’s birth rate falls below the national average. The most recent census, conducted in 2010, revealed that the region’s birth rate was 1.5, South China Morning Post said. The national average was 1.8.
SCMP added that urban Tibetans must comply with the two-child policy, while those in rural areas can have as much children as they want. This sounds different from the Global Times‘ note, which said all Tibetans are unrestricted by family planning policies.
Nevertheless, the new policy gives parents time and room for them to relax—things that truly matter when raising kids.
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