Asian-Australian Woman Wreaks Havoc Because Her Boba Tea Wasn’t Sweet Enough

An Australian beautician has pleaded guilty for destroying a birthday cake because her boba tea wasn’t sweet enough. 

Tiara Suryana, 25, was at Gonga Cha bubble tea shop in Sydney back in May, when she became angry after staff denied her extra sweetener for her tea.

Shortly after, she destroyed a $120 birthday cake staff, which staff member Chien-Liang Liu was holding.

“We do ask customers if they want more syrup or more sugar and usually they say, ‘yes please’, we add it, and then they leave.” Liu told Metro UK. “But for this customer, I don’t know why she just kept asking for more and more and more, and we can’t just give customers a triple amount of syrup.”

The cake was supposed to be used for celebrating another staff member’s birthday that day.

“It was my work colleague’s birthday and we were trying to make it a surprise for her but then the woman got mad because we didn’t make her drink sweet enough and then she flipped my cake,” Liu said.

Liu then made physical contact with the customer, demanding that she pay and replace the cake. Her alleged partner, Fayez Saadie, got himself involved after pulling appliances from the counter and destroying products.

Suryana has been placed on a six-month good behavior bond, while Saadie faces charges for damaging property valued over $2000. He has yet to enter a plea with the court.

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