Chinese Woman Claims Her Best Friend Disfigured Her Beautiful Face Out of Jealousy

Chinese Woman Claims Her Best Friend Disfigured Her Beautiful Face Out of Jealousy
Ryan General
By Ryan General
January 23, 2017
A young Chinese woman from Guizhou Province claims she spent thousands of dollars on plastic surgery to look beautiful, only to have her face allegedly disfigured by her own best friend.
According to the victim, identified only as Tian, she was attacked by her friend of five years because she was jealous of how beautiful she has become.
Local news agencies reported (via Daily Mail), that while Tian was happy to achieve her “white skin, big eyes and high nose bridge” after her recent operations, her long-time friend and flatmate, Hu, apparently,had a different feeling about it. She claims to have spent around 60,000 yuan (over $8,700) in a series of plastic surgeries in Hangzhou, China.
Tian further stated that out of jealousy, Hu initiated a fight on the evening of January 15. The duel, which reportedly lasted for three rounds, resulted in serious damage to her face.
Hu allegedly wanted to ruin her face intentionally so she would have to undergo another operation.
Upset over the incident, Tian now calls her former friend “old and ugly”.
Telling her own version of the story via a separate interview, Hu also accuses Tian of assault, which according to her, resulted in the multiple wounds she received on her face, neck, and chest.
She also revealed that she too, had plastic surgery on her face, and now would need to repair her own sustained scars. By her account, Tian had been teasing her about her finances which provoked the fight that night. She made no comment, however, on Tian’s accusation that she intentionally aimed to harm her friend’s face.
Local authorities in Hangzhou are now investigating the incident.
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