Three Teens Arrested For Allegedly Kicking Elderly Asian Woman in Disturbing Video

Three teens have been arrested in the Twin City area of Minnesota for allegedly kicking an elderly woman of Asian descent in the head at the Dale Street Metro Station, reports WCCO Radio News.

Investigations began after a video of the incident went viral on social media.

Through viewing the footage, investigators were able to identify the location and then scour security footage to find the assault. The date and time of when the incident happened has yet to be released.

The arrests were made 24 hours after police became aware of the video. Prior to the arrests, community page @jackfroot identified two of the alleged suspects and posted an update on Instagram. The arrested suspects have yet to be officially identified.

“This is a situation, to say that it never should have happened, to say that it’s uncalled for, that’s an understatement,” Metro Transit spokesman Howie Padilla told WCCO Radio News.

Padilla says its still too early in the investigation to label the incident a hate crime.

“Until we can talk to all of the parties involved — including the suspects, including the victim, who we’re still trying to talk to — until we have the complete story, we’re not going to be able to make that determination,” Padilla said. “We know on social media people are starting to make those determinations on their own.”

On April 6, Minnesota launched a Discrimination Helpline in response to the the growing reports of hate-crimes targeting Asian Americans.

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