FBI Now Looking for Suspects Behind Kidnapping of Chinese Car Dealer in California

FBI Now Looking for Suspects Behind Kidnapping of Chinese Car Dealer in California
Bryan Ke
August 21, 2018
The FBI is asking the public for help in identifying three suspects believed to be behind the kidnapping of a Chinese car dealer in Los Angeles.
The incident took place on July 16 in San Gabriel when 28-year-old Liao “Tony” Ruochen, who owns a car dealership that sold luxury cars in Southern California, was kidnapped by three men.
The trio reportedly pulled up in two vehicles and abducted Ruochen after his evening meeting with several business associates, according to AP via South China Morning Post.
The suspects then called Liao’s family and demanded a ransom of $2 million, but they did not comply, said Gene Kowel, an FBI assistant special-agent-in-charge based in Los Angeles.
So far, the only person that authorities have identified is a man known only as “David.” The FBI believes that “David,” as seen in the sketch below, was involved in the kidnapping and attended the business meeting with Liao, according to the family’s lawyer, Matthew Lombard.
A poster for Liao’s case has also been released by the FBI for any tips or leads.
Investigators are also looking into the possibility that Liao was involved in business deals with people who “were not the most reputable,” Kowel said.
Our hope is that Tony is still alive. We’re operating under the premise that he is still alive,” Kowel said. “However, we do become concerned as these cases progress the chance of someone remaining alive can diminish.”
The family has not heard from the captors since their initial contact asking for ransom money about a month ago.
He is a deeply loved person by his family,” the family’s lawyer said. “He’s their only child and they are very, very concerned for him.”
Liao’s relatives in China are offering a reward of $150,000, in addition to the $25,000 from the FBI, to anyone with information about the case.
Images via FBI
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