3 Men Blow Up ATM Inside Chinese Restaurant in Philly

3 Men Blow Up ATM Inside Chinese Restaurant in Philly3 Men Blow Up ATM Inside Chinese Restaurant in Philly
A Chinese takeout restaurant in Philadelphia was recently attacked by burglars targeting the ATM inside it.  
Deceptive diners: According to authorities, three men entered the Golden Chinese & American takeout restaurant on the 2000 block of Stenton Avenue as customers and ordered food on Friday shortly after 9 p.m., the Philadelphia Inquirer reported.
  • While inside, the group reportedly detonated a type of explosive on the ATM, causing damage to it, a window and parts of the restaurant, the Associated Press reported.
  • Items were also blasted off the shelves behind the restaurant counter.
  • The men tried to steal the cash box but failed as it was still inside the damaged ATM.
  • One of the men fled on a bicycle while the other two fled on foot.
  • As of this writing, the local police are still searching for suspects and no arrests have been reported.
  • No injuries were reported either.
Back in June, another Chinese takeout restaurant was similarly attacked in Philadelphia, where several men attempted to blow up the store’s ATM too.
As NextShark previously reported, none of the suspects were arrested in the earlier incident.
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