Hero Perfectly Obliterates a Racist White Guy in 11 Seconds

A lot of Asians understandably got offended at Jessie Watters’ extremely racist Chinatown feature on Bill O Reilly’s show a few days ago.
While Bill O’ Reilly himself mentioned in the particular episode that the Asian community is “patient,”  the group definitely did not hold back in expressing their disgust to the segment and its unfunny, obnoxious host.  
Most of the sentiments were conveyed on social media discussions, blasting Watters as the racist jerk that he is. One person however, had that golden opportunity to express his emotions, face to face with the man himself.
On Thursday, a dude by the name of Thomas Lai ran into Watters on the street and grabbed the opportunity to let it all out on the field reporter, calling him “a racist piece of shit” and letting him know that the “Asian American community fucking hates you.” He may pretend not to hear it but it was nice seeing someone voice out what every Asian wants to say to his face.
That magical moment of course was captured on video and posted on Lai’s Facebook account for all of us to enjoy and replay over and over again.
“Thousands cheer you on in this wholly appropriate response,” says one Facebook user.
“Thank you so much. Lets all give the same treatment to Watters if seen in public,” suggested another.
“I love this so much I’ve played it like 10x,” another one commented.
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