Thizzler under fire for music video of rapper using slant eyes, mocking Chinese people

Thizzler under fire for music video of rapper using slant eyes, mocking Chinese people
Carl Samson
October 4, 2022
Underground music platform Thizzler has sparked outrage after publishing a music video of a rap artist who used slant eyes while mocking Chinese people.
The two-and-a-half minute music video, titled “PeeWee,” shows rapper EBK Trey B pulling his eyes back while rapping: “They dropped a diss, I guess we f*cking with the Chinese.”
Thizzler, officially Thizzler On The Roof, LLC, describes itself as “a music video platform focused on new 2022 hip-hop and rap music scene from a Bay Area point of view.” The company mainly publishes music from unsigned artists in Northern California and the West Coast and has over 1.2 million subscribers on their YouTube channel.
“Our goal at Thizzler is to find diamonds in the rough and help them reach their potential. We know there is talent out there in slept-on cities all over the world. We saw for years how mainstream media ignored a thriving Bay Area music scene, and now we see the same thing happening with the entire West Coast. The music, the culture, and the community is dope, and we believe the world should know about it,” Thizzler says on its website.
EBK Trey B, who goes by the name “Broke B*tch Ducker” on Instagram, has published multiple music videos via Thizzler, including “So For Real,” “Maybelline” and “Comfy.” His songs are also available on Spotify and Apple Music.
“PeeWee,” which was released on Monday, has received over 16,000 views as of this writing. It has attracted critical comments for its use of slant-eyes — also known as “squinty eyes” or “fox eyes” — a gesture that has long been considered racist by the Asian community.
“As an Asian man, this sh*t went hard until you did the eyes,” one YouTube user wrote. “Sh*t like this will always keep us divided. I ain’t a b*tch so I ain’t canceling you, just asking to do better.”
“This is not ignorance. It’s RACISM,” one Instagram user noted.
Meanwhile, some criticized the music itself.
“This legit sounds like 6th graders recording on a computer mic and using fruity loops to create noise,” one Instagram user wrote.
“Thizzler has been poo for years now,” another noted. “Pushing the same sound for the last 20 years.”
“PeeWee” adds to a list of hip-hop and rap songs that have sparked outrage within the Asian community. Last December, Memphis-based rapper NLE Choppa found himself in hot water after releasing a music video that showed him stepping on an Asian man, who was also portrayed as an armed interloper. In July, Ice Cube’s alleged anti-Asian past resurfaced after the NFL announced a partnership with his economic equity initiative.
Featured Image via Thizzler
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