This Spray Keeps You Awake By Having Your Skin Absorb Caffeine — Hell Yeah!


I’m one of those few people that hate drinking coffee and energy drinks to stay awake, I don’t like the taste and simply don’t feel comfortable putting it in my body. However, as an entrepreneur who is constantly working around the clock, you can imagine my excitement when I discovered this spray.

The product is Sprayable Energy, all you do is spray it two to four times on your neck and wait a couple minutes for it to take effect. The way it works is that caffeine naturally enters your body through the skin by passing through cell membranes. According to their Indiegogo page, since this product doesn’t need to go through the body for it to take effect, the user will see results much faster than drinking coffee or energy drinks.


The company started raising funds via Indiegogo in early August. They have 6 days left in their campaign and already skyrocketed past their goal of $15,000 — raising $111,175 so far.

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