Why Having Only ONE Orgasm a Month Leads to Success

What if the key to success was in only having one orgasm a month? Would you do it?
There is a way to increase productivity for guys but it means no porn, masturbation, or orgasms. It sounds completely ridiculous. I didn’t even want to believe it at first, but considering the benefits and some of the guys who advocate this idea, you may want to seriously consider at least trying this.
Tim Ferriss, entrepreneur, investor, and author of the “The 4-Hour Work Week,” on his blog calls it NOBNOM (No Booze, No Masturbation). Admittedly, he says of his 30 days without porn/masturbation that, “the acronym itself sounds pornographic. We gotta make this sumnabitch memorable.”
Biohacker and the Bulletproof Executive Dave Asprey also vouches for the whole one orgasm per month. Dave explained in an interview that, “Now that I’ve measured the data, including the 30-day data, this is amazing but I’m happier going 30 days without having orgasm than I am having orgasm every 3 days. I have more energy and I am happier.”
To be clear, it doesn’t mean no sex, you just can’t orgasm or ejaculate. If that all sounds too crazy, here are just some of the benefits you get from abstaining from your hedonistic ways.
1. Increased aggression. If you haven’t connected the dots, no orgasms (ejaculation) raises the level of testosterone in your system, and if you’ve never been to a high school locker room before, testosterone amps up aggression like crazy.
Dave Asprey detailed on his blog a neuro-test with mice involving aggression and sex. It was found that sex is the only act that stimulated aggression had no affect on- for everything else, the mice were enraged.
In short, sex suppresses aggression and no sex increases aggression. Why is this a good thing? Channeled correctly, this leads to increased focus and performance. Why do you think boxers and other pro athletes are told no sex before competitions? Or executives before big meetings? It keeps you angry and concentrated.
2. Increased Motivation. This one is almost a no brainer. For guys, the drive for sex will motivate them to do anything. Personal success author Napoleon Hill dedicated a whole chapter in his book Think and Grow Rich to transforming that drive for sex into productivity- and this was 1938.
Dave Asprey also shared a story on his blog of the time a New York Times bestselling author made a deal with his wife that he would not ejaculate until he had made $250,000, which was a lot of money to him at the time. It only took him 30 days to make that amount of money.
3. Increased Productivity. On his blog, Tim Ferriss swears by how abstaining from masturbation, porn, and ejaculating increases your productivity.

“You get more done! A LOT more done. In my mind, this alone easily justifies a 30-day booze and porn fast. You’ll clear off that goddamn to-do list faster than Speedy Gonzalez. And remember: sex is still allowed.”

Remember, this guy speaks and tells people how to live their lives to be successful. He’s also an advisor to companies like Facebook, Twitter, and Uber, so everything he says shouldn’t be taken lightly no matter how crazy it sounds.
Isaac Newton allegedly remained celibate his entire life- he was the first to explain gravity and invented calculus. Even super genius Nikola Tesla allegedly stayed a virgin his entire life to dedicate his time and his brain to creating amazing things in the name of science.
Added benefits…
Based off historical texts and the personal experience from many like Dave Asprey, this orgasm diet also has a slew of other benefits for you.

Taoists recommend frequent sex but no ejaculation as the key to living forever- and having amazing sex.

Increasing the amount of testosterone in your system also changes up the pheremones you emit- you might notice that your partner, or other women, become more attracted to you. It’s a chemical thing.

Working off the same Taoist practices with the help of some yoga, having only one orgasm a month is the first step to being able to achieve a 30 minute orgasm for guys. Again, not sex for 30 minutes, I’m talking about having one insane half-hour orgasm.

With the help of some Taoist exercises and about a months time, the orgasm diet is also a key to increasing penis size the natural way- it apparently really exists.

It’s the exact opposite for women.
Women actually benefit most the more orgasms they have, while guys benefit most the less orgasms they have. Not only does it stimulate and nourish the body, but it also increases a woman’s emotional intelligence (EQ) the more frequently they have orgasms. Basically, everybody wins.
Check out the video below for The Bulletproof Executive Founder Dave Asprey’s findings on this theory:
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