He’s Probably the Most Friend Zoned Guy in the Entire History of the Friend Zone

A set of pictures has gone viral for its hilarious depiction of what has been dubbed “the ultimate friendzone”.


The photo set shows a guy and girl’s adorable friendship throughout the years.


At first, you’d immediately think they’re a couple since they’ve spent so many years together and look very comfortable with each other.


As it turns out, they are just friends – and nothing more


In a Filipino Facebook group page, it was learned that the pair is Indonesian. It was said there that a user saw the guy’s original post with the caption saying “kenapa dia pergi? Sebab saya selalu minta sama allah supaya bagikan wanita yang terbaik untuk saya.”

The user then translated the caption into Tagalog, saying: “bakit sya nawala? Dahil palagi ko hinihiling kay allah na bigyan nya ako ng best na babae na para talaga sa akin” (“Why did she leave? It’s because I kept asking Allah to give me a woman that’s right for me”). She added that the last part of the caption said: “There’s always a rainbow (rainbow emoji) after the storm (cloud and rain emoji).”


In another comment, meanwhile, it was revealed that the guy was always in love with the girl, but it was unfortunately never reciprocated. Oh, the heartache that is unrequited love…

Whatever the story is, in the end, the girl got married to another man while her “best friend” stayed by her side… literally (awkward).

friendzoneRight in the feels…

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Images via Instagram / deddy_setiawan24 via receh.id

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