This Heat Map Shows Asian American Reported Hate Crimes Across the Country

This Heat Map Shows Asian American Reported Hate Crimes Across the Country

April 17, 2020
Through the hard work and collaborative effort of nearly a dozen Asian American organizations, NextShark presents a new heat map of AAPI reported hate crimes in partnership with Admerasia
Since the outbreak of COVID-19 and the wrongful association of Asian ethnicity to the coronavirus because of its origin in Wuhan, China, Asian communities and businesses around the world have been targeted with racially-motivated harassment, discrimination and violence.
Since February 1 2020, over 1,135 reports of hate crime-related incidents have been submitted in the US alone at an average of 100 reports a day. Astonishingly, over 66% of reports were submitted by women and at least 61% of total reports were submitted by Asian Americans who were not Chinese. More details can be found in the full report here.
Racism is Contagious is a collection of reports and data from the collaboration of allied organizations including #HateIsAVirus, betterbrave, Uprisers, ISA, AHN, hollback!, 3AF, and the Asian American Business Development Center. 
Together, Racism is Contagious provides publicly accessible resources that document the data and stories of injustice on individuals and entire communities so that real change can be made for a better and safer world for Asians everywhere.
To submit your own report, please visit A3PCON’s Incident Report page here. You can also submit reports to NextShark’s Incident Report here (reports may be shared with the NextShark community if permission is granted). Racism is Contagious does not actively collect user data and relies on public reporting from 3rd party partners.
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