This Guy Will Pay You $170,000 to Attend Harvard For Him

This Guy Will Pay You $170,000 to Attend Harvard For HimThis Guy Will Pay You $170,000 to Attend Harvard For Him
The following craigslist post has been making its rounds recently of a gentlemen offering an interesting proposition:
With all your daily needs to live covered,  $40,000 per year, plus a $10,000 bonus upon graduation, this equates to $170,000 in cash once all is done. Definitely not a bad deal if we do say so ourselves. Unfortunately, as of yesterday, the post has been flagged for removal. However, that hasn’t stopped people from finding creative ways to reach out to the original poster. The following message was posted in the Pittsburgh writing gig listings section:

I saw your ad but I got to it too late, it was expired or deleted when I replied. This is my desperate attempt to find you again.

I guarantee that you will never find somebody as willing or as passionate to do this for you. In fact I would never sell you out even without the non-disclosure agreement (Though i’ll obviously sign it anyway). You seem to be a fucking badass if this is real. I will totally understand why you want to do this and will never ever betray you in any way.

I get that it’s hard to trust anything I say but if you have any doubts it can be settled if you decide to meet me. I live in New York but I’m willing to find a way to get to Pittsburgh if you want me to go there. I can also skype online or something. I can guarantee you that I would get all A’s if you chose me and that I would put my heart and soul into whatever you needed from me. I get that a lot of this is sketchy but I promise you I’d give myself in before I gave you in if it came down to that. I don’t even need 40 k every year, paying for tuition and living expenses is enough, though maybe just a little every semester to cover my student loans every month (which is probably like 100 a month or something). I’m not doing this for the money, the opportunity that you’re giving me is enough. You will always come first.

It looks like the original poster has got a worthy applicant.
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