This Chinese Suitcase-Scooter Invention Needs to be a Thing Like NOW!

This Chinese Suitcase-Scooter Invention Needs to be a Thing Like NOW!
Editorial Staff
June 2, 2014
An unidentified inventor from Hunan Province, China may have just revolutionized the way people get to work and while it looks ridiculous, it might be exactly what China needs right now. We are calling it “the scootcase” because it looks like he literally mounted a suitcase to an electric scooter. You have to check this out:
It’s like the poor mall cop’s segway, but what’s impressive about this nifty little scooter is that it’s all electric, it only goes about 12 mph, but it gets 31-37 miles per charge, according to RocketNews24. If there is anything we notice about China, it’s the incredible smog problem they have in the major cities. An electric suitcase scooter has zero emissions, making the “scootcase”  environmentally friendly.
The man, whose identity is unknown, reportedly spent the last ten years developing his rideable suitcases. You have to hand it to this guy’s originality- nobody else thought of this idea and went with it before. While we don’t know what’s in the actual suitcase (which we assume to be filled with rechargeable batteries), the suitcase scooter does come equipped with a GPS system. Could we be on the verge of a new industry in DIY, smug suitcase scooter vehicles?
What do you think? Could you see yourself riding a suitcase to beat rush hour traffic?
Source: RocketNews24
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