This Chinese Billionaire Does Some Crazy Stuff Just to Stay Creative

This Chinese Billionaire Does Some Crazy Stuff Just to Stay Creative

Meet Huang Nubo.

October 22, 2014
huang nobu
Image via BarentsObserver
Meet Huang Nubo.
He is a Chinese billionaire and founder of property and leisure giant Beijing Zhongkun Investment Group.
Huang had humble beginnings; he and his family lost everything during China’s Cultural Revolution in the 1970s. His dad was jailed, accused of being a rebel and committed suicide while incarcerated.
When Huang grew older, he managed to get a stable job in the PR department of the Communist party. However, he quickly became bored. He wanted to start his own business but had no idea where to start, so he tried many things including “selling dolls, printing name cards, reselling photocopiers [and] reselling steel.”

“I wanted to challenge my fate.”

huang cat
He finally found his calling and managed to build a really successful business in real estate.
One of the most unique things about his office are animals he likes to keep — his office zoo includes a live shark, several cats, and monkeys, as well as parrots and parakeets.
huang monkeys
He also writes poetry, and his other hobbies have led him to climb Mount Everest — twice.

“If a company needs the leader to be there every day after it develops to a certain stage, the company will be unsuccessful.”

huang everest
He believes that as an entrepreneur you need to keep your life interesting.

“If you are just a businessman and live for money, your life is boring … A man must be useful to society … life must not be about earning lots of money, buying private jets, playing golf, dating women. He needs to keep being creative.”

huang parrot
His vision of his entrepreneurial ventures is something all of us should remember.

“I hope to see everything I dream of becoming reality … I hope to build a dream and then realise it. This is the greatest fun.”

Source: BBC
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