This Baker’s Innovative Cake Creations Will Completely Blow Your Mind

A Youtuber has taken the culinary art of cake baking to a new level.

Her creations have no resemblance to baked goods whatsoever and are nothing less than incredible.

Cake master Yolanda Gampp created a Youtube series titled “How To Cake It” in January 2015 and has since amassed 600,000 subscribers on her channels.

Her videos regularly receive over a million views and she has totaled 30 million views all together.

Gampp was inspired to follow in her father’s footsteps as a baker and began learning the trade at an early age.

Her jaw-dropping works have been featured in Toronto Fashion, National Most and the Food Network show “Sugarstars.”

Her masterpieces are simply mind-blowing and can be found on her Instagram account that has nearly 40,000 followers.

h/t: Tech Insider

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