This Adorable Robot Does Something Extraordinary

Getting serviced by people is great when you’re staying at a hotel. But that experience has just gotten better thanks to startup Savioke, who has created the first robot hotel butler.

The robot is designed to traveled at the same speed has human walking pace, weights less than 100 pounds, is about 3 feet tall, and has a carrying capacity of 2 cubic feet.

You can request for it to bring small items from the front desk to your hotel room. This can include towels, toothbrush, soap, even alcohol!

It also can use the elevator all by itself.

“It can move through human spaces. It doesn’t hit anybody, it doesn’t hit anything and it doesn’t get lost,” Savioke CEO Steve Cousins told GigaOm. “That’s the fundamental capability.”

Savioke rolled out their first robot, named Botlr on August 20 at the Aloft Hotel in Cupertino, California. Any guests who stay at the hotel will have the opportunity to come face to face with Botlr.

Featured image source: Savioke

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