This 17-Year-Old Waitress’s Small Act of Kindness Left Cancer Patient and His Wife ‘Overwhelmed’

Seventeen-year-old waitress and Notre Dame High School senior Daniela Bossi has “made the world a better place” with a small act of kindness.
Rick and Annette Lewallen were treating themselves last Thursday when they went to dine at Brother’s Pizzeria in Hamilton, New Jersey, because the couple has had to put extra care into saving money for Rick’s ongoing brain cancer treatment after he was diagnosed in April, according
Although the couple had a modest meal — Rick had a salad, and Annette a single slice of pizza —  the Lewallens were surprised and grateful when they found that Bossi, a family friend who was aware of their situation, had paid for their food and written on their receipt:
“For putting up the biggest fight… this one is on me.”
Moved by the gesture, Annette took to Facebook the day after to post a photo of the bill and to write:
 “It was a vote for humanity. I’ve finally stopped crying about it.”
In another post, Annette wrote:
“The world is a better place because of people like you. We are overwhelmed with her kindness.”
Bossi, who has only worked at the pizzeria for two months, said she did it because the Lewallens had “always been there for my little sister.” She added:
“It was something so small. I didn’t think it was any big deal.”
Bossi said she paid for the tab with her tips from that day and that when she told her managers about the gesture, they reimbursed her for the meal.
Pasquale Carannante, one of the pizzeria’s owners, said of Bossi:
“It’s not often you hear about someone so young doing something with so much heart.
“I’m very proud.”
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