Thieves Can Actually Use Your Favorite Asian Pose to Steal Your Identity

Selfie addicts take heed: a security researcher from Japan is now warning against doing a particular picture pose that is very popular among Asians.

According to Japan’s National Institute of Informatics professor Isao Echizen, flashing the V (peace or victory) sign, which supposedly exposes two fingerprints, may potentially lead to identity theft, according to RocketNews24.

For many, holding up two fingers to make a V sign while smiling for the camera is celebratory in nature. The pose, which allegedly started in Japan in the late 1980s, has since wildly spread throughout Asia and some other parts of the world.

Echizen suggests, however, to try a different pose as having the fingertips exposed may enable others to steal your fingerprint data. The professor points out that image quality from current consumer camera technology has already progressed to such a level that it is now possible to do so.


His warning is based on a study wherein Echizen was able to extract fingerprint data from images taken as far as three meters (9.8 feet) away with a subject doing the V-sign. Based on his experiments, taking a selfie while giving a peace sign may, in fact, put your fingerprint data, and your identity, at risk.

Echizen also pointed out that celebrities have put themselves at a greater risk if they are used to doing the sign due to the volume of photos of them that become available online. Of course, considering that the fingerprint technology is being widely used nowadays, from smartphone locks to security entrances, even non-famous people should take extra careful.

Remember, you will only have one set of prints in your lifetime so it is important that they are compromised.

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