Man Who Goes to Great Lengths to Steal Sex Doll is Proof China Needs More Women

A Chinese man, desperate to fulfill his most intimate desires, managed to break a vending machine to steal one of its goods: a sex doll.

The crime occurred inside a sex shop in Shandong Province’s Jinan, the Daily Mail said.

The shop houses a vending machine that’s accessible 24 hours a day. Apparently, the suspect came in the wee hours on Monday, breaking one slot in its top shelf before taking the item inside.

According to Pear Video, authorities have already started an investigation following the shop owner’s report. The suspect remains at large.

The owner is convinced that the suspect came prepared, since he had a bag of equipment as seen in the surveillance footage. The sex doll costs around 300 yuan ($44).

Netizens who have seen it joked that the man must need a girlfriend to show his family in time for the Chinese New Year.

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