There’s No Hiding Treats From This Brilliant, Fluffy Dog in South Korea

An adorable white powder puff of a pup from South Korea has been gaining a lot of love due to his innate cuteness, charisma, and amazing intelligence.

Known online as “Clever Toto”, this Bichon Frise showcases his incredible smarts via videos posted to his Instagram page that he shares with his equally fluffy sibling, Ddung.

Unlike most pups, Toto enjoys his baths.

He also comfortably sits on a human toilet while getting cleaned and dolled up.

He is well-behaved and gets along well with others.

Toto’s most popular videos feature him figuring out where his human hides a doggie treat in a cup trick.

It doesn’t matter how complicated the trick gets, Clever Toto is able to find the treat by keeping his “eyes on the prize.”

Check out how focused he is during the trick.

When he is not entertaining his followers, Toto finds time to entertain himself, watching his favorite films…

…or even his own videos.

Check out more of Toto’s antics on his Instagram account.

Featured image via Instagram / toto_ddung_ee

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