There’s a Magical Box That Will Stop You From Touching Your Phone

There’s now a nifty gift for your smartphone addicted friends and loved ones: an isolation box for mobile phones.

The brainchild of an Amsterdam-based team who simply wants to create “a kick-ass device to combat smartphone addiction,” the DistractaGone is a reinforced digital box that locks away phones for a defined timeframe set on its digital timer. The lock can be set for a few minutes to hours and will automatically open once the time has expired.

Currently on Kickstarter with 486 backers, the campaign has so far raised $28,888 of its $44,700 goal with 18 days to go.

On its campaign profile, DistractaGone said: “Thank you for not looking at your phone for a minute to read more about the DistractaGone.”

“This offers you a period without constant distraction,” the page stated.

To use DistractaGone, just open the lid and place the smartphones inside. Close it and set the number of hours or minutes you’d like to go without the distraction. The gadget, which can store four phones at a time, operates on AA batteries and measures 166 x 85 x 60 mm.

The $11 basic pledge gets a backer a $15 discount when the product ships, while a pledge of $39 gets the product shipped to the backer on February 2017.

A limited edition Golddigger variant is also made available for those willing to shell out $614, which has the box coated in gold powder, leather interior and personal engravings. It also features audio effects and the ability to block cell phone signal.

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