There’s a Huge Downside For Foreigners Getting Married to a Japanese Citizen in Japan

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In Japan, a person can get divorced from their partner without their consent and lose all the privileges that come with being married, which is reportedly a growing problem for foreigners in the country.

Rikon Alert (Research Center for Issues of Divorce) raised an awareness campaign to warn foreigners in Japan to be careful about “divorce without consent.”

Although 90% of divorces in Japan involve a joint agreement with both spouses signing a divorce form, some foreigners may find themselves divorced without consent which will ultimately cancel their spousal visa and strip them of legal custody of their children.

According to SoraNews24, some foreign nationals find themselves as victims of this so-called “divorce without consent”, wherein their Japanese spouse forges their signature or tricks them into signing a document they do not understand.

Once signed, the divorce is made final because Japanese authorities do not really investigate cases of forgery.

Due to the increasing number of incidents of “divorce without consent”, Rikon Alert is making an effort in distributing pamphlets and creating a website where foreigners can seek legal counsel.

For foreigners who are considering marriage in Japan and to a Japanese national, it is always advisable to educate yourself with the legal system of the country.

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